About Us

Artefaks is a jewelry brand that designs one-of-a-kind hand sculpted jewelry made in recycled copper, plated in 18k gold.

All our pieces are individually handmade in our sunny studio. We draw our inspiration from the beauty of nature, and incorporate natural hand cut stones, crystals and colorful gems into our designs by creating unique settings that are sympathetic to their form, allowing the natural beauty and uniqueness of each stone to shine through. Therefore, every single piece of Artefaks jewelry is 100% unique, no two pieces will ever look the same due to the technique used by our artisan. Which means, when a piece of jewelry is sold, they can never be replicated again.

Every month, our website will be updated with one-off pieces, once they’re sold, they’re never coming back, so keep checking in.

Questions? Email: hi@artefaks.co